Technology built
for traders.

Victory Networks was founded to service the needs of traders and financial services firms, and now has a growing set of clients both within and without the financial industry. We are passionate technologists and entrepreneurs with dozens of years of experience working with proprietary trading firms, bulge bracket investment banks and international hedge funds on worldwide exchange connectivity, colocation, compliance, and software development. Our perpetual innovation and upgrade cycles reflect our dedication to our clients’ uptime and security needs.

Our world is measured in nanoseconds. Evolving at breakneck speed, technology is the driving force of innovation and change in the financial sector. Victory Networks is committed to ensuring our clients’ uptime, security, and speed advantages throughout these evolutionary cycles. Our team has its eye on global technological developments, ensuring that Victory leads the pack in both reliability and latency in this fast paced and ever changing tech landscape.

We focus on enhancing network, hardware, and software performance while reducing costs to you, our customer. Outsourcing your technology burden lets your company dedicate more resources to the core competencies of your business — and selecting the right provider is a critical decision. While Victory Networks handles the heavy technological lifting, our clients are able to keep resources focused on growing their business. Leverage our speed, reliability, flexibility, and scale as your in-house technology provider.

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Data Port
Access to data in every major data center
@location Hosting
Data Center & Co Location Service
Exchange Connectivity & Direct Market Access
Fully Managed market data Software & Hardware Solution
Consolidated order Book Feed
Research Edge
High Precision historical tick data and analysis tools
Compliance Edge
Compliance technology solution
Automated cloud storage, recovery and backup
Managed Services
Managed service solution
Data Port
  • Presence at all exchange data centers across the US, and many global exchanges as well
  • State of the art, fully redundant 10G switching for ultra low latency delivery of market data to the client application server
  • Vendor of Record (VoR) exchange data compliance responsibility
  • Access with @location hosting, or by cross connect to client infrastructure
@location hosting

Exchange Proximity Hosting services at state-of-the-art data centers

Best in class, fully redundant, ultra low latency 10/40G spine-leaf network architecture

Proximity to exchange matching engines

Space measured per "U", per rack, or per cage

"Build, lease, or buy" hardware options

Full-time VPN access and 24-hour technical support


Access to major worldwide execution venues, providing cost effective solutions for global expansion

Added flexibility and control for managing transactions

Ultra-low-latency infrastructure for high speed order execution.

Anonymity to help decrease information leakage for institutional traders

Access better market pricing to decrease transactions cost and lower intermediary fees

Robust set of audit trail, monitoring, and reporting tools available

  • Ultra-low latency in process library with processing times as low as 500 nanoseconds.
  • Single API across all exchanges
  • Cross platform C++ library
  • Integrate with historical data to test application and replay market events
  • Allows queuing of incoming data to handle data bursts
  • Thread aware default configuration to explicitly control every thread in use
  • Multiple normalization schemes for receiving normalized data or normalized data with aggregated order book
  • Customized FPGA acceleration and hardware optimization available
  • Consolidated API to receive real-time spread data for exchanges offering complex order books
  • Capability to filter and receive a small subsets of the data
  • Adaptive processing allows the feed to stay low latency during bursts
  • Fault tolerant design allows for multiple parallel instances for high system availability
  • Low latency, real time feed with per exchange BBO feeds and NBBO feeds
Research Edge

Lossless packet capture (pcap)

Rich reporting engine for creating repeatable analyses

Integrated, consultative solution for correlation with order entry data

Low and High level APIs for traversing data sets

Compliance Edge
  • Database capture of rich data sets to provide specialized reports to reduce firm’s exposure to books and records violations
  • Customized solutions from a firm with a comprehensive understanding of current industry compliance needs
  • Fulfills compliance requirements for data backup
  • Automated, customizable exchange data and reporting tools to easily manage data reporting requirements
  • Backup your most important data to a world class network's geographically disparate storage footprint, housed in the world’s best data centers.
  • Military-grade encryption provides three tiers of security
  • 10/40G network backbone with full redundancy for backup and recovery of laptops, workstations, files servers, files and folders, and e-mail
  • Meet Regulatory Obligations for 204-2 and 206 (4)-7 of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, 17 CFR 1.31 — Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Rule 1.31, and The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
  • Hardware and software agnostic solutions
  • Rapid implementation and deployment
  • 24/7 network monitoring and level 3 support
  • Flexible month-to-month contract terms
  • Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA Compliant
Managed Services
  • Dedicated fibre lines (1/10/40G), internet, and VPN
  • Robust procurement services offer the flexibility to fully specify desktops and servers
  • Hardware maintenance and scheduled software update
  • Security services to ensure proprietary data and information are protected
  • managed IT services, software development and consulting.


Victory Networks works closely with every exchange, clearing firm, FCM and industry-leading hardware and software vendors to provide speed, connectivity and flexibility to its valued clients.